CSA Web Site Undergoes Renovation

The CSA web site has undergone some recent changes and improvements recently and we wanted to outline them to our visitors.

We are committed to keeping this web site as up to date and user friendly as possible. With this in mind we have made some changes/improvements to the site. In addition, thanks to the Blueprint for Success, we are in the process of making some significant additions to the site which we hope to launch in April.

Here are some of the changes.

1) There are new links to National Championships. In an effort to promote the National Championships (grass roots) we have put a direct link on the home page and we will include information as it becomes available on the 2001 championships and All-Stars and will eventually include previous results (from past years).

2) We have created an Upcoming Events link for all the camps, games, tournaments etc for all of our teams.

3) Under National teams we have now created a drop down box for the seven men’s teams and four women’s teams. We have standardized the info on each team to include an Overview, Player Pool, Head Coach and Latest Result file. These results will be listed in decending chronological order. We will begin posting results as of February, 2001. The latest result of each team can also be accessed from the home page where a Team Schedules icon is positioned.

Also, each team which competes in a FIFA World Championship has detailed statistics, including Canada vs the World, Game Capsules, Caps, Goal leaders etc. These stats are now posted for all teams except the Women’s Under-19 which has yet to compete. As soon as they play their first international result, the stats will be posted. These stats are maintained in pdf format so they can be easily updated (there is a pdf link provided if necessary).

Some of the new teams have yet to play a game and are without a head coach. As soon as one is assigned, a headshot and bio will be posted.

Each team has a Player Pool listed. On the Olympic, Men’s World Cup, Womens’ World Cup and Under-20 men’s page, there are links to player profiles and head shots. We hope to eventually have a headshot and bio of EVERY national team player.

4) We have added a CSA Documents section where items such as the Blueprint for Success and 1999 Soccer Demographics info is now listed. This will soon include Rules for Hosting National Championships, CSA Constitution etc.

5) The CUSL proposal is now linked to the home page with a designed logo. You can download the proposal (in pdf).

6) A link has been added for Training Centres, listing each location as well as the times that our National Team Coaches will be visiting each Centre.

7) SoccerTalk has been improved so that when someone posts a message they can now see all the other links to their discussion. This will help reduce the amount of clicks and should help users.

8) The Media Room has links to our updated media notes on World Cup teams and statistics. There are also links to SoccerCentral schedule

9) General improvements. We have cleaned up the site so that information does not repeat itself. The CSA Directory is updated as is the Soccer Clubs link and the Soccer Links section

We hope you like the changes.

Morgan Quarry

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