MA Level 1 overview

Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence- Level 1

The Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence – Level 1 of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program builds on the characteristics and behaviours of an organization in the Canada Soccer Standards for Quality Soccer with a balance of expectations across the governance, administration, infrastructure, and technical pillars. The characteristics and behaviours of the Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence – Level 1 are designed to recognize high quality grassroots, community, and competitive organizations that have developed their governance and operations. Organizations achieving the Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence – Level 1 demonstrate their commitment to quality and to providing an enhanced participant experience. 

Characteristics and Behaviours

Demonstrates the Characteristics and Behaviours from the Canada Soccer Standards for Quality Soccer.


  • Has basic governance documents.
  • Is a registered legal entity, compliant with all relevant legislation and Canada Revenue Agency requirements.
  • Has basic planning documents to guide the organization.
  • Works in harmony, aligning values and operations, with its governing organization(s)


  • Is financially viable.
  • Has basic management and operational policies and practices.
  • Has an identified Administrative Lead with clearly defined responsibilities.
  • The Administrative Lead is committed to ongoing development and education.
  • Provides financial support for Administrative Lead, Technical Lead, Technical Staff (if applicable), and coaches to pursue ongoing development, training and certification.
  • Has sufficient and appropriate staff to deliver its programs
  • Provides or facilitates financial support to players with financial barriers to participation.


  • Has an actively maintained online presence.
  • Has access to facilities and equipment to provide enhanced programming.


  • Operates programming that is aligned to Long Term Player Development stage-appropriate best principles.
  • Has basic technical planning to guide its programs and services.
  • Has an established pathway to provide players with access to opportunities for participation in Grassroots, Community, Competitive, and Development/Performance Streams.
  • Has an established pathway that provides opportunities for players to continue participation in the Soccer for Life stage (senior and masters).
  • Educates coaches, players, and parents about the Provincial/Territorial and National Player Pathways and Long-Term Player Development model. (RECOMMENDATION)
  • Has an identified and qualified Technical Lead (refer to Category Requirements for specifics) with clearly defined responsibilities.
  • Technical Lead is committed to ongoing development and education.
  • Has coaches and team personnel who are properly trained and/or certified for the groups/teams with which they work and competitions in which they participate. 

Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence – Level 1 standards

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