Canada Soccer Safe Sport Roster

At its May 4th, 2019 Annual Meeting of the Members, provincial and territorial member associations endorsed the Canada Soccer Safe Sport Roster as a progressive package of initiatives to create safe, fun and welcoming experiences for all participants.

These new initiatives follow the development in 2017 of a Whistleblower hotline, a detailed Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Canada Soccer Disciplinary Code. The Safe Sport Roster includes:

  • 1. Minimum coaching certification requirements:
    • ALL coaches must complete the appropriate training workshop for the age and stage of their athletes.
    • ALL coaches must complete two courses offered through the Coaching Association of Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program:
      • “Make Ethical Decisions” to further safeguard athletes by ensuring that coaches are fully equipped to handle ethical situations with knowledge and confidence.
      • “Making Head Way” gives coaches a greater understanding of how to prevent head injuries along with the knowledge and skills to manage them properly.
      • Respect in Sport online training which educates coaches to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.
      • Adopting the requirements of the Responsible Coaching Movement:
        • The “Rule of 2” which requires that all one-on-one interactions between a coach and an athlete take place within earshot and in view of another trusted adult, except for medical emergencies.
        • Background screening, which can include criminal record checks, interviews, job postings and reference checks.
        • Ethics Training, which includes the “Respect in Sport” and “Make Ethical Decisions” courses mentioned above.
  • 2. Club Licensing Program:
    • Launched in July 2018 and developed in consultation with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, the program has established standards to ensure a quality experience for every athlete who registers with Canada Soccer.
    • Two of the fundamental principles that underpin the program are devoted to safe sport:
      • Physical, mental and emotional safety
      • Accessible, inclusive, and welcome environments
    • Amongst the many tools and resources offered to licensed clubs is a comprehensive Guide to Safety.
  • 3. National Soccer Registry:
    • To track coach certifications, licences and any disciplinary sanctions
  • 4. Concussion Protocols:
    • Canada Soccer has implemented the gold standard of concussion protocols to prevent head injuries and, when they do occur, to manage them effectively. is the new home for official Canada Soccer apparel and fanwear, including customized National Team jerseys