George Graham

Apr 01, 1902
173 cm
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International "A" Level - CAN MNT
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George Graham
sports family (soccer/hockey brother Jimmy, soccer brother Bobby)... he was 12 years old when his family moved from Londonderry, NIR to Edmonton, AB, CAN in 1914... he married Myrtle Dewar on 20 September 1927... he was 64 years old when he passed away at Queensway General Hospital in Toronto on 7 August 1966... he and David Turner worked for the T. Eaton Co. (financial office) while they were members of the Eaton-sponsored Toronto Ulster United FC (Graham met his wife at the T. Eaton Co.)... 
wrote Billy Fenton in 1927, “as a centre forward, Graham during the past two seasons has been without an equal in Canada”... also described by Fenton, Graham was “a perfect gentleman on and off the field”... as noted in 1937, “as Graham goes, so goes the club; he is a good leader and can shoot from any angle”... as noted in the 1939 Montréal Star, “while no more gentlemanly player ever laced on shoes, you cannot trust the aging veteran six inches out of your reach if the ball is in the vicinity or (he) will tuck away said ball in the corner; never endowed with any terrific shot, George simply picks his corners, top and bottom, usually bottom”... wrote Bill Anderson in 1939, Graham was “one of the best preserved forwards in Canada”... as noted in a 1940 program, he was “one of the finest centre forwards the game has known in Canada”... wrote Austin Delany, he “was one of the best this recorder has ever seen”... wrote Bill Findler to the Vancouver Sun in 1942, George “was the brains of that (Ulster United FC) outfit”... wrote Colin Jose, “one of the greatest centre forwards of his day”... wrote Bill Entwistle in 1945, Graham was “an amazingly fine opportunist (who) could play centre forward in a wheel chair”... as noted in a 1949 Vancouver newspaper, “those who remember Graham think he rates as the best centre forward ever to play here; certainly along with (Dave) Turner they were poison to opposing defences”... 

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