Art Halliwell

Date of passing
18 May 1964 (Age 67)
Manchester, ENG
169 cm
Where they grew up
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
International "A" - CAN MNT
2 Appearances
2 Starts
1 cleansheets


Art Halliwell

Arthur Jennings Halliwell... he was six years old when his family moved from Manchester to Toronto... he was 18 years old when he enlisted for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on 24 January 1916 in Toronto... he was married to his wife Beatrice Edith... had diabetes... he was 67 years old when he passed away on 18 May 1964... grew up participating in soccer, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse... worked in the automobile business... owned a racing stable (he owned as many as 51 horses when retired from the business in 1961)... he became a millionaire through his investment in “thoroughbread horses, a profitable wrecking business, and the gas and oil industry”... was an honourary pallbearer at Tom Holland’s funeral in 1946...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a player (he was shortlisted as an original alternate by The Soccer Hall of Fame in 2000 and then honoured as part of the Class of 2001)... Toronto’s National City League’s Art Halliwell Trophy was named in honour (presented for the first time in 1940)... in 1950, he was one of 16 footballers shortlisted in a Best in 50 Years poll by The Canadian Press (Geordie Campbell and Art Halliwell were runners up to Dave Turner by a single vote)...

as noted in 1918 in the Toronto Telegram, he was “considered one of the best goalkeepers that Canada has produced”... wrote footballer Andy Wilson after facing Canada in 1921, “Canada is fortunate in possessing a goalkeeper of the capacity of Halliwell; this man, to my mind, is without a peer in Canada”... as noted in 1925 in a Canada-USA program, Halliwell was “one of the best goalkeepers in the Dominion”... noted Andy Lytle for the Vancouver Sun in 1931, Halliwell was a goalkeeper with “plenty of oof”... as noted in 1932 by Bill Cole in the Toronto Star, Halliwell was “a great favourite with the soccer followers of this city”... as noted in 1964 in the Toronto Telegram, “he supported most sporting activities in Toronto, but it was in soccer and racing he made his greatest impact”...

For Country

was part of the 1921 All-Canada XI that faced the touring Scottish Star Footballers in an exhibition match in Montréal (an 0:1 loss on 9 July 1921)... noted in the Montréal Gazette of his 1921 performance against the Scottish footballers, he gave “one of the finest exhibitions of goaltending ever seen on a local field; he certainly lived up to all the fine things that had been said of him in advance”... was part of the 1925 Canadian XI that faced USA in a Men’s International Friendly match in Montréal (a 1:0 win on 27 June 1925)... was part of the 1925 Canadian XI that faced USA in an away Men’s International Friendly match in Brooklyn, NY (a 1:6 loss on 8 November 1925)... 

For Sport

served as president of Toronto’s Ulster United...

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