Joe Kennaway

25 January 1905
Date of passing
07 March 1969 (Age 64)
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Where they grew up
Montréal, Québec, Canada
International "A" - CAN MNT
1 Appearances
1 Starts
1 cleansheets


Joe Kennaway

James Kennaway... his parents were Charles and Isabelle... he was married to wife Loretta (their children were Bruce, Glenn, Grant, Joan, Gail)... settled in Providence, RI after the Second World War (his wife’s hometown)... he became an American citizen in 1948... he was 64 years old when he passed away in Johnston, RI, USA on 7 March 1969... grew up playing soccer, hockey, basketball and water polo...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a player (one of the first 11 former players honoured as part of The Soccer Hall of Fame’s inaugural Class of 2000)... posthumously honoured by the New England Soccer Hall of Fame... as part of Canada Soccer’s Centennial in 2012, recognised in the Best XI from 50 Years (1912-1962)...

a two-time Scottish League champion (1936 and 1938) and two-time Scottish Cup champion (1933 and 1937)... spent a decade playing professional soccer in Scotland, but returned to Canada upon the outbreak of the Second World War...

said Bill Roper in 1951 in reaction to Kennaway’s omission from the Canadian Press Best in 50 Years poll, “if Joe doesn’t belong in the game’s upper bracket, neither do Morenz, Conacher or McLarnin in theirs!”... wrote Alan Parsley for the Montréal Star in 1961, Kennaway was “acknowledged to be one of the all-time greats of his trade in Scottish football”...

For Country

was part of the 1926 Canadian XI that faced USA in an away Men’s International Friendly match in Brooklyn, NY (a 2:6 loss on 6 November 1926)... represented Scotland in an international match against Austria in 1933... 

For Sport

served as men’s soccer coach at Brown University (1946 to 1959)... 

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