Jimmy Moir

Date of passing
11 February 1961 (Age 61)
Leith, Midlothian, SCO
Where they grew up
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
International "A" - CAN MNT
1 Appearances
1 Starts
0 Goals
0 Assists


Jimmy Moir

James Nicol Moir... both his father James Nicol Moir and mother Helen were born in Scotland... he was 14 years old when his family moved from Edinburgh to Toronto in 1913... he married his wife Phyllis Demoe (they had two children: Linda and Tommy)... he was 60/61 years old when he passed away in Toronto on 11 February 1961 after a coronary thrombosis (he was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Section 42, Lot 1034)... his wife Phyllis passed away in on 11 August 2004 (Phyllis Yvonne Moir Pritchard)... he played more than 20 seasons of major football...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a player...

a one-time Dominion of Canada Football Championship winner (Connaught Cup 1926)... a two-time Ontario Cup winner (1927, 1929)... a three time Atholstan Cup winner (1926, 1932, 1941)...

once described as a “peppery red-headed outside left”... as noted in 1925 in the Winnipeg Tribune, “has one of the hardest left foot shots in the Dominion”... in leading Ulster United to a Dominion title in 1925, the Canadian Press noted Moir was “the one man who was responsible for the eastern victory and the westerners’ downfall”... as wrote Billy Fenton in 1925, Moir was “the best and most consistent player of the twenty two throughout the three games” in the Connaught Series final... wrote Fenton in 1926 in the Toronto Telegram, he was “generally acknowledged to be without an equal (at outside left) in the Dominion”... wrote the Winnipeg Tribune in 1926, “general opinion is that (Moir) was the best player ever seen at Carruthers Avenue with the exception of Fred Tunstall”... wrote the Calgary Herald, Moir “was the king pin of the Redhanded brigade”... wrote the Toronto Star in 1931, Jimmy Moir and Jimmy Galloway were “the inseparable pair” with Toronto Ulster United FC... as noted in 1932 in the Toronto Telegram, “his speed and trickiness and that left foot lightning shot with a curl are famous and feared by goalkeepers”... as noted in 1961 after his passing, Moir “with the Red Handers made his name as one of the greatest outside lefts ever to play in this country”... wrote Bill Entwistle in 1960, Moir was “a wonderful soccer player... a prince of outside lefts”... wrote Vince Leah in 1971, former player “Chuck Smith figures Jimmy Moir was the finest left winger in Canadian soccer history”...

wrote Vince Leah in 1976, he was “a tremendously talented player and (in 1925) gave Nanaimo’s defence all sorts of grief”...

For Country

was part of the 1925 Canadian XI that faced USA in an away Men’s International Friendly match in Brooklyn, NY (a 1:6 loss on 8 November 1925)...

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