Arthur Arnold

Date of passing
16 February 1969 (Age 86)
Dudley, ENG
Where they grew up
Dudley, England


Arthur Arnold

Arthur Arnold... he married his wife Maria Emery on 26 December 1909 (their children Arthur, Clifford, Dennis)... he was 43 years old when his family moved to Canada in August 1925... he was 86 years old when he passed away in Burlington, ON on 16 February 1969... was owner of a steel and fabricating plant in Hamilton, ON...

served as the 19th President of the Football Association of Canada (1957-58)... honoured as a Canada Soccer Life Member... honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame... honoured by the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame... honoured as an Ontario Soccer Life Member...

wrote Ed Waring in 1951, Arnold “rules firmly but with a fatherly instinct over about 2,000 soccer players in the province, not to mention the numerous team executives”...

said Arnold at the 1957 Ontario Football Association Annual General Meeting, “from 1948, I have endeavoured to give leadership to our Association. I have never skirted my duties or responsibilities to the Office that I have held for so many years. I have always endeavoured to keep in step with all that is progress in soccer. My years of service and duties at times, may have been a little arduous, but I have been fully recompensed with the many friends that I have made during my association with the Office that I hold and my love for the game. Let me assure you, Gentlemen, I greatly cherish your friendship and I speak in all sincerity”... said Arnold upon declining nomination at the 1958 OFA annual meeting, “no man was more attacked or belittled than I was and I just couldn’t for another 12 months”...

For Sport

served as 19th President of Canada Soccer (1957-58), then known as the Football Association of Canada... served as a Canada Soccer Council Member (Ontario 1950-51), Canada Soccer Vice-President (1951-53 and 1954-55 to 1956-57), Canada Soccer Honorary Vice-President (1953-54), and Canada Soccer Past President (1958-59 to 1960-61)...

served as secretary of Hamilton City FC... served as president of the National Soccer League (he was either president or vice president between 1934 and 1941)... served as the president of the Ontario Soccer Association (1949-57), then known as the Ontario Football Association...

Individual Honours