Georges Schwartz

22 December 1929
Paris, FRA
Where they grew up
Paris, France


Georges Schwartz

Georges Schwartz... he was 21 years old when he moved from Paris to Montréal in 1951... on television, served as a colour commentator on Radio-Canada and RDS from 1961 to 1994...

honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame... honoured by the Québec Soccer Hall of Fame (Temple de la renommée du soccer québecoise)...

wrote Schwartz in 1999, “the Havelange gift of the 1986 World Cup to Mexico was too hard to swallow”...

For Sport

served on Canada Soccer’s Board of Directors (1972-73 as a Canada Soccer Vice-President; 1974-75 as Director, Québec; 1982-83 again as a Canada Soccer Vice-President)... was president of Canada Soccer’s bid committee for the 1986/1990 FIFA World Cup...

worked as media at the Roma 1960 Olympic Games... worked as media at the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games...

served as president of the Fédération de soccer du Québec (1971)... served on the FIFA Amateur Committee...

Individual Honours