Andy Sharpe

Feb 16, 1945
175 cm
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Andy Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe... he was six years old when he started playing soccer... he was 21 years old when he moved to Canada on 19 December 1966 to join Saskatoon City SC (Joe McVey, Chick Pettigrew, Andy Sharpe and Eddie Smith all responded to a club advertisement in Glasgow)... he worked 30 years for the Saskatoon Fire Department.... served five years as Fire Chief for the Port Moody Fire Department... 
as noted in a 1967 program, he was “an inside forward with speed and a great shot from either foot”... it was written, Sharpe was “an inside forward with speed that had a powerful shot from either foot”... 
said Sharpe in 2002 after being elected Canada Soccer President, “I am looking forward to the challenges that lie before us to making this sport even more popular than what it is today. I plan on helping our players and teams achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves”... said Sharpe in 2004 after Canada Soccer were awarded the FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007, “the faith and trust that FIFA have invested in Canada Soccer will be repaid with energy and commitment in ensuring that this will be the best event in the history of FIFA. We will spare no effort over the next three years to achieve success”... 
said Andy Sharpe in 2018 of coming to the Western Canada League, “I thought it was a good competitive league, maybe not as professional yet as back home in Scotland, but I wanted to stay in Canada and settle down. Once you got a job in the fire service, that’s a good job, so you sort of settle down”... 

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