Ted Slade

Date of passing
23 June 1974 (Age 77)
Woolwich, Kent, ENG
170 cm
Where they grew up
Woolwich, Kent, England


Ted Slade

Edward Richard Slade... soccer family (son David)... he was 15 years old when his family moved from England to Toronto in August 1912... he was 18 years old when he enlisted for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on 14 October 1915 in Toronto... he served at the Battle of Somme... served at Vimy Ridge where he was wounded... he was married to his wife Alice on 4 August 1922 (they had children Enid and David)... he was 77 years old when he passed away in Toronto on 23 June 1974...

worked at the University of Toronto in the Physics Department... developed instruments “of special character” that were used by Dr. Frederick Banting in the discovery of insulin... worked for the Toronto Board of Education (from 1928 to 1962)... worked as a teacher at Western Technical School...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame...

wrote a Canadian coaching manual entitled “Soccer Coaching Manual for School and Colleges”...

wrote Ed Waring in 1951, Slade was “one of the best coaches in the country”... wrote son David Slade in 1994, Ted “had a wide ranging, all inclusive involvement with soccer and has influenced not only the growth of the game, but in many ways developed the culture of our expanding communities”...

For Sport

served as Secretary-Treasurer of Canada Soccer’s Junior and Juvenile Promotion Committee...

served as coach of Western Technical Institute in Toronto (1938 to 1951)... served as president of the National Soccer League (1938-39)... served as manager / head coach of Toronto Inglis FC (inc 1945) and then Toronto Greenbacks (1946 and 1947)... served as coach of Toronto St. Andrews...

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