Steve Stavro

27 September 1927
Date of passing
23 April 2006 (Age 78)
Gabresh, MKD
Where they grew up
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Steve Stavro

Steve Stavro... he was seven years old when his family moved from Gabresh to Toronto... he was 78 years old when he passed away on 23 April 2006... served as President of Knob Hill Farms Ltd... he was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada on 21 October 1992 (for his “support for charitable and cultural organisations” and “his well-known involvement in sports, particularly for his part in giving soccer an increasing higher profile in Canada”)...

honoured as a Canada Soccer Life Member... honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame... honoured by the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame... recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002...

he was involved in the organisation and management of five soccer leagues: Continental Soccer League; Ontario's International Soccer League; Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League; United Soccer Association; and North American Soccer League...

wrote George Gross in 2000, “the four-team Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League (was formed) thanks to the efforts of Steve Stavro and Peter Bosa”... also wrote Gross in 2000, “Stavro opened his purse strings and the star players were paid more in two months (with 1961 Toronto City SC) than they were making all year in Britain”... said Stavro in 2002 after being named a Canada Soccer Life Member, “soccer has always been one of my passions and I am delighted to receive recognition for my love of the beautiful game”... wrote George Gross in 2003, “as a philanthropist, Stavro will continue to support different charities which he has been doing for years and for which he received the Order of Canada more than a decade ago”... wrote Mark Zwolinski in 2006, Stavro was “an old-school businessman who sealed deals with a handshake”... wrote George Gross in 2006, “we both loved hockey and we both enjoyed soccer, so much so that in 1961 we formed the Toronto City SC and joined the late senator, Peter Bosa, in forming the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer league”... wrote Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment in 2006, “Stavro served with great passion and dedication as chairman of the board for our organisation from its founding in 1998 until stepping down in 2003. His legacy in the field of sports, especially soccer, hockey, horse racing, and basketball, has been unparalleled in Toronto during the past 40 years”...

For Sport

founder of the Eastern Canadian Professional League... a co-founder of the Continental Soccer League in Toronto... served as President of Toronto City SC (1961-1967)... in June 1966, awarded the Toronto franchise in the North American Soccer League...

was a part owner of the Toronto Toros... served as a director with the Toronto Maple Leafs (starting 1981)... served as a governor in the National Hockey League... was a part owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs (from 1994 until he sold his share to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment in 2003)...

Individual Honours