Jimmy Nelson

07 October 1902
Date of passing
04 February 1985 (Age 82)
Montréal, Québec, Canada
175 cm
Where they grew up
Montréal, Québec, Canada


Jimmy Nelson

James Daig Nelson... married his wife Marion Stewart Howie in 1929 (they had two sons, Ronnie and Gordon)... grew up playing soccer, football, basketball... he was 82 years old when he passed away on 4 February 1985 (he was interred at Mount Royal Crematorium)... wrote Al Parsley in 1960, growing up Nelson was “water boy and assistant to trainer Fred Bryant of the old Grand Trunk teams and tended the big soccer goal in practice”...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a player...

as noted in 1928 in the Winnipeg Free Press, “a brilliant goalkeeper (and) an outstanding quarter with CNR rugby (football) squad”... as noted in 1928 in the Winnipeg Tribune, Nelson “is just as good as any (goalkeeper) we have seen for a long time; he is in the top flight of custodians”... wrote the Winnipeg Tribune in 1929, in the Dominion finals “he demonstrated that he is a custodian of the first water; his interception and anticipation was uncanny and many times he brought off spectacular saves from drives that were ticketed”...

Individual Honours