Gene Vazzoler

Sep 25, 1941
180 cm
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Gene Vazzoler
Eugenio Vazzoler... he was 12 years old when his family moved from Torino, ITA to Vancouver, BC in 1954... 
a four-time Canada Soccer Amateur Championship winner (Challenge Trophy with Columbus FC in 1964, 1969, 1977 and 1978)... a three-time Pacific Coast League winner (1968-69, 1969-70, 1970-71)... a four-time all-star selection in a six-year span from 1964 to 1969... 
as noted in a 1967 all-star program, he was “an excellent ball handler and main cog in Columbus’ defence”... as noted in a 1979 all-star program, “the jersey number five is synonymous with Gino Vazzoler as he has been wearing this number with the Columbus organisation for the past 18 years”... 
said Gino Vazzoler in 2018, “in my young days, one of the reasons I was put on defence was my speed. There were not many players that could get around me or outpace me. I guess that was one of my assets”... said Gino Vazzoler in 2018, “I was recruited by the Firefighters. I wanted to get into the fire department and I could have joined the Firefighters... but I was Italian, so for who else was I going to play but Columbus?”... 
said Giorgio Zambrano in 2018, Gino Vazzoler “was good in the air, he was very quick and very fast”... said Roy Nosella in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was a gentlemanly player”... said Dan Comuzzi in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was a tall guy and a smooth player. He was consistent and you could rely on him to do his job”... said Sam Lenarduzzi in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was just an elegant player. He was very, very good in the air”... 
said Neil Ellett in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was a class act. Playing the centre half position back in those days could be pretty rough, but he just had the great touch, the skill, he could pull the ball down and lay it off, that sort of thing. Gino was a class player”... said Robert Allen in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was a good ball handler. He was not a rough and tough guy, he was just a very, very talented player”... said Metro Gerela in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was a hell of a player, he was a tough dude to get around. He wasn’t a tough guy that would push you around, but he knew all the little, quirky tricks to throw you off balance. He was an extraordinary difficult guy to deal with”... said Gary Stevens in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler came in right at the time that they created the sweeper position at centre half, the guy that stayed back behind everyone else and, when a ball was played to wherever and it got through, he was the guy that came in behind on both sides of the field. He was good at it, he read the game really well, he was in good shape, and he was a skillful soccer player”... said Jim Goodheart in 2019, “Gino Vazzoler was a smooth player, a good defender”... 
said Glen Johnson in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was Columbus. His skill was amazing, he was light on his feet, unbelievable in the air. He could beat most big people in the air. His skill level was incredible and he could run with just about anyone. He was a really good player. Of all the guys, he was one of the most naturally talented players”... said Bruce Twamley in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler was a very elegant centre half... he was a guy that could have played in a tuxedo. He would never get dirty because he was so elegant. He was very good at heading the ball, he was good at passing the ball, he was good at reading the game... but he did everything elegantly. He was a cultured player. He was effortless”... said Chris Bennett in 2018, “Gino Vazzoler wasn’t a rough and tumble guy, but he was very, very light on his feet, a good runner, a very intelligent player with great spacial awareness, knew when to lay it off quick and not get caught, knew when to play balls... he was just a very intelligent player. He was special”... 

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