Walter Bowman

Date of passing
07 March 1948 (Age 77)
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Where they grew up
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Walter Bowman

Walter Wells Bowman... both of his parents Daniel and Wilhelmina were born in Germany (the family’s last name was previously Baumann)... he married his wife Mary on 13 October 1894 (their children were Lewis b.1896, Norman b.1899, Madge b.1900)... he was 77 years old when he passed away in Seattle on 7 March 1948... worked at Anaconda Copper Mining Company in Butte, MT...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a player...

holds the distinction of being the first non-British footballer to play in England...

wrote the Kitchener Daily Record in April 1929, Bowman “was one of the very best football players ever turned out in Canada”...

For Country

was part of a Canadian XI that faced USA in an 1886 exhibition match (a 2:3 loss in Newark, NJ, USA on 25 November 1886)... was part of the 1888 Canadian team that toured the United Kingdom, including the XI that faced Scotland in an exhibition match (an 0:4 loss in Glasgow on 18 September 1888)...

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