Jim Blundell

Jul 29, 1939
175 cm
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Jim Blundell
James Blundell... married to wife Linda (they had children Janet, Bruce and Robert)... he worked as a firefighter for over 30 years (starting in 1963)... 
a Canada Soccer Amateur Championship winner (1965)... a five-time Pacific Coast League winner (1958, 1961-62, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1965-66) and one-time Pacific Coast International Championship winner for the J.F. Kennedy Trophy (1966)... a six-time all-star selection in an eight-year span from 1959 to 1966... over the course of his career, he scored 111 goals in the Pacific Coast Soccer League (he was the ninth player to reach the 100-goal milestone on 5 March 1967)... he led the Pacific Coast League in scoring twice and was the league’s second-highest scorer in the 1960s with 92 goals scored... he was Firefighters FC’s top goalscorer across their Pacific Coast League history (92 goals scored from 1961-62 to 1968-69), notably the team’s top goalscorer in five successive seasons from 1962-63 to 1966-67...  
once noted that “has a deceptive shot and distributes ball well”... as noted in a 1959 all-star program, “considered by experts to be one of the brightest prospects to break into senior company in recent years”... wrote Jeff Cross in 1962, he was “an artisan centre forward with a quiet, studious style”... as noted in a 1964 all-star program, “a dangerous forward with a good and accurate shot”... 
said Robert Allen in 2018, “Jim Blundell was fantastic scorer and he had a hell of a shot”... said Gary Stevens in 2018, “Jimmy Blundell knew how to get into position, he had a really good shot and he distributed the ball well. He read the game well and he was a very smart player”... 
said Neil Ellett in 2018, “once Jim Blundell got inside the box, you had to pay close attention because he could put it away. He wasn’t a speedster or one to rock a shot from a long way out, but get him inside the box and he could do damage for you”... said Metro Gerela in 2018, “Jimmy Blundell was very quiet, but he knew where the goal was and boy he could put the ball in the back of the net”... said Glen Johnson in 2018, “Jim Blundell had a big shot and really good skill”... said Roy Nosella in 2018, “Jim Blundell was a good player and over the years he really blossomed”... 

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