Stuart Brown

15 February 1948
Stirlingshire, SCO
Langshide College
Where they grew up
Stirlingshire, Scotland


Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown... grew up participating in football, judo, fly fishing... he was 27 years old when he moved to Canada in October 1975... was an instructor of dental technology specializing in orthodontics at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology... a member of the Edmonton Scottish Society...

honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame...

said coach Brown in 1983 of his Angels’ undefeated season (Edmonton Journal), “it’s tough on the Angels because being defending champions, everyone is out to get them; we have to be over-prepared... we do have a strong offence, midfield, defence and goal. Combine that with the proper attitude and it certainly enhances our chances... I credit our success to the perseverance and dedication of each individual girl. Throughout the year, the attitude combined with the above effort did eventually pay off in giving us a successful season. We haven’t lost a game”...

For Sport

served as head coach of Northern Alberta Institute Technology’s men’s soccer team (starting 1978)... served as head coach of Edmonton Ajax SC women’s team (1980 and 1981)... served as head coach of Edmonton Angels SC women’s team (starting in 1982)...

Individual Honours