Jock Coulter

23 January 1902
Date of passing
15 November 1960 (Age 58)
Hamilton, Lanarkshire, SCO
Where they grew up
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Jock Coulter

John Smith Coulter... he was 11 years old when his family moved to Canada in 1913... he was married to wife Peggy Caldwell Turner (they had a daughter, Mary)... he was 58 years old when he passed away at White Rock Hospital on 15 November 1960 after suffering injuries in a car crash (he was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park)... he worked as fire warden at the New Westminster Fire Department...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame as a player... posthumously honoured by the Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia...

a three-time Dominion of Canada Football Championship winner (1928, 1930, 1936)... he retired as the Dominion of Canada Football Championship’s all-time scoring leader (41 goals)... in 1950, his 1929 team Westminster Royals was named Canadian soccer’s “Best in 50 Years” in a poll by The Canadian Press...

noted for taking penalties, Coulter was described by teammate Dave Turner as “nonchalant (and) immune to the fever consuming his teammates”... as noted in 1926 in Victoria’s The Daily Colonist, he was “a clever forward, unexcelled on the island; he feeds his two wings with accuracy and judgment; a heavy player of the bustling type who never lets up; has a bullet drive and places his shots accurately; he is fast and an opportunist of the first water; absolutely unselfish, he never spoils himself by trying to do the impossible when he sees another placed in a better position than he; undoubtedly is the cleverest headwork man on our (all-star) team”... as noted in 1928 in the Winnipeg Free Press, he was “a centre forward who looks clumsy and awkward, but deceives his looks; always laying up on the backs he is ever ready to dart through to the inside men’s passes; can shoot like a bullet with either foot on the run and is the terror of opposing goalies”... as noted in 1934 in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, he was “in a class by himself at centre forward.. he knows where the goal is and drives them hard and true”... wrote Tommy Cumming in 1947, “Coulter was a deadly marksman whose sole purpose was to stay in position, mark well as the leather was manouevered down the garden path, and rifle it home as it fitted past or near him”... as noted in 1950 in the Vancouver Sun, Coulter featured on Dave Turner’s all-time all-star team... wrote Jack Lee in 1960, he was “the player who supplied the spark for the word “sparkplug” on the (Westminster Royals) team... said Bill Findler in 1960, “Jock was the outstanding scorer on a team of outstanding scorers”...

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