General Secretariat

Earl Cochrane
General Secretary
Lisa Spina
Executive Assistant
Breagha Carr-Harris
Head of Women’s Professional Soccer

Soccer Administration Department

Jessie Daly
Director of Competitions and Events
Cathy Breda
Manager, Administration
Dan Pazuk
Systems Coordinator & Registrar
Allie Pike
Professional Games Manager
Kelsey Hunt
Competitions Manager
Jolene Wong
Events Coordinator, National Championships
Isaac Raymond
Referee Department Manager
Michael Tucker
Referee Program Administrator
Mike Moretto
Equipment Manager
Remy Eyckerman
Warehouse Coordinator

Finance Department

Sean Heffernan
Chief Financial Officer
Wisliana Jean-Francois
Manager of Finance
Dalia Armada
Accounting Clerk/Accounts Receivable
Karen Inumerable
Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Account Payables

Business Development Department

Sandra Gage
Chief Marketing Officer
Dominic Martin
Director, Marketing
Richard Scott
Director, Communications
Kaitlin Tulle
Manager, Brand & Ticketing
Marianne Gagné
Women’s National Team Communications Manager
John Bruce
Graphic Designer
John Lobban
Digital Content Manager
Greg Royer
Partnership Servicing Coordinator
Philomène Sully-Bitsi
Communications Coordinator

Technical Department

Jason deVos
Director of Development
Dave Nutt
Manager, Development - Operations
Jim Loughlin
Manager of Coach Education
Mike Whyatt
Master Coach Developer
Sarah Ouellette
Development Department Administrator

National Teams Department

Men's National Team Head Coach, Men's National EXCEL Director
Men’s National Team Assistant Coach, Men’s EXCEL U-18 to U-23 Program Director
Men's EXCEL Goalkeeping Manager, Men's National Team Assistant Coach
Men’s National Team Assistant Coach
Daniel Michelucci
Men's EXCEL Operations Manager
Andrew Olivieri
Men’s National Youth Excel Director
Mike Vitulano
Men’s Regional Excel Director
Yannick Girard
Men’s Excel Program Physical Performance Coach
Jan Lang
Men's EXCEL Program Coordinator
Para Soccer National Team Head Coach
Futsal National Team Head Coach
Bev Priestman
Women’s National Team Head Coach
Cindy Tye
Head Coach - Women's U-20 National Team
Jasmine Mander
Girls’ U-15 National Team Head Coach, Women’s U-17 National Team Assistant Coach, and Women’s National Team Performance Analyst
Tania Singfield
Goalkeeper Coach, Ontario SuperREX
Claire Eccles
Women's National Team Equipment Manager
Andi Barnaba
Women’s Operations Manager
Joey Lombardi
Ontario REX and Women’s U-20 Director
Emma Humphries
Head Coach - Women's U-17 National Team, Director - SuperREX
Excel Mental and Cultural Manager
Sarah Smith
Head of Sport Medicine